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ISO / IEC 17025:2005 is a Voluntary Requirement for Research and Validation Laboratories Accreditation. It includes requirements for the quality management system along with technical requirements to ensure that each laboratory is equipped for specific testing and calibration activities. At ISO Pros we understand what it takes to get this over the line for your organization.

Your quality control program is the main factor for having you certified in ISO 17025. It all begins with the textbook on consistency and basic operating procedures. We will create a quality manual, unique to your laboratory when you hire us.

We’ll continue with conversations and interviews to learn how the lab really operates. With this material, We are going to create an easy-to-read and use quality manual that follows the ISO 17025 norm and represents the processes that you already have.

If your processes do not meet the requirements of ISO 17025, We will offer you suggestions for improvement to get you to implement. We can write these processes in your Service manual and basic operating procedures when we decide on the changes.

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ISO 17025 Accreditation provides evidence that your laboratory has a high-quality management system put in place and it has the ability also to provide the results of testing and calibration. Accredited labs carry out research to universal requirements (ISO 17025), as well as the findings are equally appropriate between different legislative and regulatory bodies. The agreement between these accreditation bodies is that the tests of certified participants must follow the same universal consistency level irrespective of which accreditation body, as well as the findings of the testing, will be accepted as if these tests had been performed by themselves.

Accreditation of a laboratory can not be treated lightly. Accreditation is also a challenging classification to obtain for most certification and research organizations. Preparation is the secret to success; therefore, having our team on board, we will look at the unknown and unique system specifications, and train the company about all aspects and relevant ISO / IEC 17025 standards.

Accreditation of ISO / IEC 17025:2005 provides several advantages:

  • Demonstration of a well-established quality management system that produces reliable and competent results in testing and calibration
  • Reduction of the supplier or regulatory appraisals needed
  • Business comparative edge
  • Global Monitoring and Calibration Coverage

If you’re new to ISO / IEC 17025 or looking to have the laboratory certified, we have the support and resources you need. We deliver individual plans that can be tailored for the company to get you going in quality control – reducing the expense of resources you don’t use.

We are the world’s largest classified association and a recognized ISO / IEC 17025 specialist, which provides world-renowned licensing and advisory services. We are one of the leading certification bodies in the world, helping businesses to ensure their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains perform.

Would you like to know more about how to get ISO / IEC 17025 certified? Partner with ISO Pros to help your company know more about this very important accreditation.